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Sexy Karissa Shannon Karissa Shannon is former Playboy Playmate, twin sister of Kristina Shannon. Her sex tape (with actor Sam Jones III) has been released October 2010. Karissa also had made a sex tape with Heidi Montag...
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Erotic Story

Ascent AS I BENT over the bed and grabbed the sheets, I felt the wet head of his cock rubbing across the crack of my ass. With my ass high in the air like that he had full access to my parted cheeks, which he proceeded to take full advantage of. His dick was oozing pre-cum so thick that soon he had the valley between my buttocks awash. Glancing back, I looked over the size of his massive dick.

It was at least ten inches long with a full fat head; pre-cum glistened as it drooled expectedly out of the head's slit and down to the great vein. Large, blood filled veins stretched the sleek skin as they ribbed the entire girth of that cock which seemed to have a life all it's own, swaying confidently back and forth. Oh, God, that thing was going to fuck my ass. It was going to pound my cheeks with abandon and ravage my ass tunnel untold. It was ripe with lust, greedy with desire. It was as if it were possessed of an entirely separate existence, detached and uncaring as to the owner.

I turned away and a moment later shuddered as it touched the puckered lips of my rectum, luxuriating in the slippery veil of it's own pre-cum. It seemed to pause for a moment, gathering strength and resolve. Then it began it's relentless push past the opening and into the dark channel ahead. The lips of my asshole gave way to it's demand and parted, sliding across the helmet of his penis, tightening as it narrowed on the groove behind the great head. It was like a thing alive in my butt, holding my sphincter muscles at bay, making me feel open and whorish and wanton. But it was in. My asshole sucked at it, spasmed at it's dark intrusion.

"Uhh-hn-ng," he groaned.

A voice I vaguely recognized as my own drifted up and out of my throat, thick with lust. "Oh, God! Oh, God, you've got a fat cock."

He smacked my left ass cheek, the meat of my upturned buttock tingling as it recoiled. "Oh-!" I squealed. Galvanized, he slapped the other cheek.

"Oh." My hips rotated wiggled obscenely from the slap, and his dick slid halfway up my tunnel. God, it was so big. I heard myself cry out.

"Slap it-! Oh, slap my ass-!"

I bucked my hips as he granted my wish, slapping my ass cheeks with unabashed fervor. His dick slid all the way into my asshole until his hairy thighs nestled up against my ass-cheeks, his huge nutsack pressed firmly against my tiny cunt. I felt stuffed to the gills as that mammoth cock stretched my asshole to impossible dimensions. It was too much. I writhed and bucked like a wild horse, my asshole gripping and tugging on his imprisoned cock. He had to grip my waist with both hands to hold on. My asshole began to spasm as I had a mind blowing orgasm.

"Ooooh God, Oh fuck, Fuck my ass!" I yelled. My ass still clamping and spasming as i slowly came down.

He slowly slid his dick out of my stretched asshole with my sphincter sucking at it's retreat. As the great head neared the entrance to my ass, my butt inadvertently reared high into the air, resisting the loss, determined to keep it 's prize. I threw my head back bending my body into a U-shape, head and ass thrown high in the sky.

Sucking a great gust of wind he speared his blood-filled penis back into my asshole full length. I hooted and threw back my hips to meet his thrust, the sound of flesh against flesh echoing across the room. My asshole was so slick with his pre-cum that his dick skewered in all the way, with no resistance, his nut-sack smacking my clit with it's pendulous swing. It drove me wild.

"Fuck my ass!" I croaked wildly. "I love your dick in my asshole! make me cum again and again!"

He adjusted his position to meet the challenge, holding onto my waist with a firm grip, drawing great gulps of air. I was out of my mind with lust, crazed by the great dick that impaled my bottom, my firm little ass wriggling with twists and jerks that betrayed my ascent into an insane lust. I just wanted him to fuck me; fuck me with all his might, ram his dick so far up my ass that it came out of my mouth.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, you long-dicked bastard, fuck my ass-!!"

He withdrew it until only the dickhead remained, and leaned back. I bent over until my head was lying on the bed, my legs braced for the deliciously expected pounding. I tensed, wriggling impatiently, still so horny that I would have fucked a lamppost had it been pointed at my ass. I was not disappointed. What came next was the wildest ride of my life.

In he shoved, not too swiftly at first, but with enough force to slap his groin against my backside as his dick stroked the walls of my wanton asshole. My entire mind and body focused on his dick riding in, then pulling out of my asshole, as my body gathered the strength to ride him to the most explosive ejaculation of his life. I wanted his cock to shoot it's load so deep it would take weeks to shit it all out.

He rode back in with more strength, thrilling my ass with a more vigorous thrust, his cock fucking my asshole with it's full length. Out, then back in, deep into my flaming rectum, his groin slapping the taut meat of my asscheeks as my hips danced to the tune of his fuck-rhythm.

"Fuck my ass!" I cried out, "oh, fuck my ass with your big horse cock!"

He complied, picking up power with each ass-slapping thrust, the wet smacking sounds of pounding flesh mingling with the hiss of labored, passion-filled breathing. In and out his dick pounded, as I bucked and snorted and pitched back to fuck that rock-hard dick, twisting and grunting and howling with each stroke.

"Uh-h! Uh-h! Uh-h!" Each thrust drove in with a force that rocked my ass-cheeks; his dick slammed deep into my asshole, driving past walls slickened with cum that massaged his organ and stoked the fire in his swinging nut-sack.

Plop! Plop! Plop! -his nuts drummed their beat against my throbbing clitoris. My rectum clamped down harder on his stroking flesh-piston as my own exhilaration grew. I slammed just as hard against his groin as he against my taut ass-cheeks as our passions mounted with each fuck; with him twisting and rotating without recourse, lost in the sea of lust that swept our bodies and souls, ass and cock. From this point on in, it would be a ride to the end. His mind had been devoted to one thing alone; his body too was wholly slave to the dick that whipped in and out of my ass. He could not help but finish the task of riding my ass to fruition, by fucking his massive tool deep into the bowels of my asshole.

He hung on with all of his might and slapped his body against my upturned buttocks. Hooting and grinding and driving his captured dick into the tunnel that sucked and pulled and caressed his flesh with increasing intensity, sensing the ascent of semen to his love muscle. We rocked in unison, fucking with obscene abandonment that neither knew nor felt any shame.

I whipped my hips against his body with pig-like grunts that were torn from my throat by my crazed lust. Each time his dick drove deep into my rectum I fucked it with all the power my ass muscles could muster, clamping down on it as it drilled in and pulled out, massaging and pulling and tugging at it as if to never let it go. I felt his sweat drip onto my lower back and down between my ass cheeks, as he sucked great gusts of air to ride the magnificent beast before him.

Glancing over my shoulder, I watched his face heave and contort with the effort it took to fuck my ass; his stomach muscles knotted and glistening with sweat, his hips steeled and tense with the intense power of pure sex.

I reached back a trembling hand, mumbling, "fuck my ass", and stroked his knotted stomach muscles, feeling them arch and ride and surge with power as he drove his dick up my ass.

"Uhn-n, uhn-h, uhn-h", he sang as he pounded my tight little asshole, sweat dripping down his heaving chest.

The sounds of our ass-fucking blasted across the room; the bed creaked the age-old song of desire. We grunted and slapped together and recoiled, and his nuts slapped my clit with their own rocking crescendo. It was an ass bang to end all ass-banging. I did not want it to end; but to go on and on, forever and ever, dick fucking asshole, nuts slapping cunt bodies parting and thrusting together again as desire extracted it's own reward.

"Oh, bury it, bury it deep up my asshole," I gasped.

Now he began to pick up speed as his semen boiled and started it's irrevocable journey up into the great vein of his pounding dick. His nut sack tightened and drew up into his groin as he neared ejaculation; I could feel his dick growing harder, with his thrusts becoming sharper, quicker. Mad with the thought of that massive dick shooting gallons of cum into my asshole I increased my bucking to match his own. My hips writhed with anticipation, and my asshole gripped his thrusting rod with even greater force. Soon it would erupt, and blast it's incredible load deep into my asshole. I thrust back at him, fucking his dick with all the strength in my loins. We both grunted and heaved and snorted as the magic moment drew nearer. I bent over until my head lay on the mattress, concentrating on the dick that peaked with each thrust up my tiny asshole. He gripped my hips harder, his body steeled against the monumental forces that simmered within his loins, and rode on into eternity.

I came again with an earth rocking force. My cunt and asshole expanding and contracting. Squeezing his dick like a vise. Harder and faster he fucked me, driving me deeper into extasy as i came and came. Milking his massive cock with all the muscles of my bowel.

"I'm gonna cum," he rasped, barely able to breathe.

"Shoot your cum," I begged, "shoot your cum up my ass."

"You want it-?" he whispered with a hiss.

"Yes-s," I snorted, "oh, yes I want you to shoot your gun up my asshole. I want it so deep that it spits out my mouth."

"Here it comes..oh, God..."

"Shoot it-!!" I screamed, "shoot it up my ass!! Drain it, fill it all the way up to my throat..!"

Suddenly he stopped, breathing hoarsely, and pulled my hips up into his crotch, shoving his dick as far as it would go up my ass. I screamed, bracing my legs, and throwing my head high in the air. For the merest fraction of a second we both paused, frozen in eternity, as his semen flooded into the great vein of his dick. Then,

"Oh, shi-i-i-t-t!!" he howled. Oh, God, I'm cummin-n-ng!"

"Oh, God!" I screamed.

The first blast of his burning cum erupted out of his churning dick with a force that shot it straight up into my bowels. "Oh, shi-i-it-t!!" he yelled to the roof, throwing his head back. I threw my ass back up into his groin as hard as I could, as if I could suck his tight nut sack into my ass hole, as his semen flooded into the ravished tunnel of my ass.

I felt it again in my loins that familiar and uncontrolable building as I knew i was going to come again. As the next shot of hot cum hit the walls of my bowels I erupted yet again. Writhing and squirming beneath him my ass clamped on his dick squeezing and sucking it with a vise like grip. My whole body began to shudder, as my asshole milked his tool while i came down from that mind blowing cum.

"Uhn-n-gg-g!" he grunted as his cum shot out of his dick in stomach-churning spurts. He pulled out slightly making room for all his seed. Then again shoving his dick deep into my spasming hole. He came and came, filling my channel.

"Oh, cum, you ass-fucker, cum in my ass-!" I hooted. "Shoot your cum up my ass!" I pushed back up into his groin, feeling the power of his mighty dick expand and contract as it shot it's incredible load. Spurt after spurt shot into my asshole as his dick jerked with each eruption, the head firing geysers of thick, explosive semen.

"Oh, God," he muttered as his dick emptied it's load, "oh, shit-t-t!"

My rectum muscles tugged and sucked as his dick as it calmed down, helping it to drain it's final drops. He finally relaxed, exhausted, but I kept his dick in my asshole, caressing it, keeping it firm and warm. I didn't want to let it go.