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Erotic Story

Matt watched closely as Staci's hand made its way down his body. He licked his lips and was struck with the taste of Staci's sweet pussy. He still had her juices on his face and he wasn't inclined to wipe them off at all. They were a reminder that he wasn't dreaming. His Ana was there with him and she was about to do something that he was sure would blow his mind.

Staci looked at Matt as he followed the path her hand made to his manhood with his eyes. He had beautiful eyes as well as a beautiful body. His broad chest and well-muscled arms were the things her dreams were made of. She loved the way that Matt could make her feel small and protected within his arms. As she ran her hand down his body, she found that his abs weren't as defined as she had expected them to be. It didn't matter though, his body still felt like heaven to her. She ran her fingers along the band of his swim trunks and sly smile spreading itself across her face. She was taking her time to plan the assault on Matt's dick. She wanted to bring him pleasure and didn't want to waste time with indecision. Staci purred into Matt's ear, "Why don't you take these off for a while?"

She barely had time to blink before Matt had ripped off his trunks and flung them across the room. Someone was eager, but then, so was she. She looked down and saw the most beautiful cock she ever had the pleasure of looking at. Matt was a little above average sized, but Staci was a firm believer that as long as you knew how to use it, the size didn't matter. The head of his cock had turned an angry purplish color due to Matt's stroking it after his swim trunks were disposed of. Staci just smiled and licked her lips. She was in for some fun.

She slowly worked her way down his body, teasing him with soft kisses and brief licks as she neared her goal. She made a pit stop at his nipples, making sure to roll her tongue around each one. She blew a soft breath over both nipples and watched them harden with satisfaction. She continued her journey, nuzzling her nose in the hair that formed a happy trail down to his crotch. Staci took the time to dip her tongue into his belly button before continuing on her course. Matt's breathing took on a more rapid pace and his hands were restless on the bed beside him.

"Ohh...Ana,'re driving me crazy." His words were embedded in a moan as he felt her hot breath on his penis. Staci just smiled. He was right, Ana moaned sounded fantastic. It was music to her ears and a source of encouragement. She leaned forward and brushed his head with her lips. Matt let go of his cock and watched as Staci tentatively licked the head.

Staci closed her eyes and savored the flavor of Matt. His salty pre-cum was just the appetizer and Staci couldn't wait to get a taste of the full meal. She opened up her mouth and let her lips caress his head before engulfing his cock with her mouth. Matt exhaled a breath he didn't realize he was holding. Staci mouth felt amazing and it seemed that he wasn't the only one who knew how to use their tongue to pleasure someone. Staci's tongue was doing magical things to the underside of his head. He watched as her head bobbed upwards and back down a few times before she began to apply more suction and twist her mouth on his cock. While she was sucking him off, one of her hands was twisting around the base of his cock and with the other she caressed his balls. The sensation left him breathless. "Ohhh....Ana."

Staci loved hearing the sweet sounds that escaped Matt's mouth while she pleasured him orally. Looking up at him, she smiled around his cock before taking a breath to open her throat. Matt saw Staci's eyes shine mischievously and the next thing he knew, she had taken his entire penis into her mouth and was rubbing her nose around in his pubic hair. It was almost too much for him to take. His hands reached forward and buried themselves in Staci's hair. Her hair was so soft and her mouth was incredible. He began to unconsciously guide her head up and down, reveling in the feel of her tongue, lips and throat. Staci could feel Matt's orgasm approaching as she continued to fondle his balls. They began to rise and Matt's legs started to twitch. His hands tightened in her hair. "I'm...I...I'm gonna cum!" Matt teetered between lifting Staci's head so she wouldn't have to swallow and holding her head down so he could shoot his load down her throat. Lucky for him, Staci made the decision for him grabbing his hips and anchoring herself. She was ready to catch all of his cum and she was looking forward to it. Matt's eyes squeezed shut and his breathing stopped for that one second before he came. It felt like his entire sack was trying to exit through the tiny hole on the tip of his dick. He felt Staci swallowing his cum, which only added to his pleasure. Once he was done, she sat up and smiled, licking her lips. "Yummy. Who knew that you tasted so good, Matt?"

Matt could barely open his eyes. He was still on cloud 9, but as he slowly came back to earth, his lopsided smile took its place on his lips. "You're wonderful. Can I keep you?"

Staci moved up to lay by his side. "Didn't we already go over this earlier?"

Matt chuckled. "I want to keep you here in this bed....for at least a week."

Staci raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "Oh yeah? The people at your party are going to wonder what happened to you. My mom might freak out if she doesn't hear from me. They'll send out search teams. You don't want to be responsible for those kinds of drastic measures."

Matt laughed. "Well, I suppose I can let you go...for now. But, before I do, let's discuss our date."

Staci gave Matt a knowing smile. "I want to get to know you better and what better way than to see where you live and hang out. If it's okay with you, I'd love it if you showed me around this town."

Matt thought about it before giving his answer. "Sure. I'd be more than happy to take you around town. I've even got some things in mind to do already. But, are you really going to drive back out here tomorrow? It's a long drive for a date with me....not that I don't want you to come back. I...I'm going to stop before I get my foot stuck in my mouth."

Staci chuckled and quickly found herself underneath Matt. He had a sort of predatory smile that sent shivers down her spine. The man was hot and all she wanted was to move the flimsy piece of fabric covering her and invite him in. Unfortunately, the warning bells were sounding in her head. She was in trouble. Head over heels for a man she barely knew and all she could think of was him in between her thighs plunging his thick member into her depths. Matt lowered his head until his mouth was even with Staci's ear. "Mmm, Ana....I have you right where I want you. Underneath me and on your back. See, I wasn't lying about what would happen when you chuckled."

Staci remembered the first time they spoke. It seemed like so long ago, only it wasn't. If someone would have told her that night that a couple days later she would be practically naked in Matt's bed, she would have laughed. She hated his guts that night. Today, she was loving every inch of him. Looking up at Matt's smug smile, she rolled her eyes. "Don't let it go to your head. You're just lucky I decided to give you a chance."

Matt nodded. "Extremely lucky. I didn't think you'd date a guy like me."

"Yeah, I usually don't date assholes."

Matt laughed. "Sassy. I like that." Matt decided he had enough of being on top of his Ana, because it was such sweet torture and his cock was attempting to plant itself deep inside of Staci. The thing had a mind of its own sometimes, what could he say? He rolled over and then pulled Staci in close to him. "You're so soft, angel."

"You're so corny."

Matt had to laugh. "Alright, well, if you're just going to lay here and insult me, then I think it's about time to go back to the party."

Staci rolled her eyes again. "If that's what you want...perhaps I won't wear my sundress when we go back outside."

"The burlap sack? As much as I love to see you prance around in that bit of string, I don't think you should go out there like that. The other guys will try to grab you and I'll have to get out my baseball bat. No one wants to see me go to jail over a bathing suit....and I will too. You're mine, in case you've forgotten."

Staci sat up and looked at Matt with her eyes narrowed. "No one owns me. I can do whatever I damn well please."

Matt sat up quickly, looking deep into her eyes. "I..didn't mean it like that. Come on, Ana. I'm as much yours as you are mine. I was just implying that we were a couple..."

Staci glared at Matt for a few more seconds before sighing and letting her features soften. "So, about tomorrow. I don't want to drive. Can't I just stay here with you?"

Matt looked at Staci incredulously. For someone who kept saying that she didn't know him, she sure wasn't acting like it. "Sure...I have plenty of room in my bed for you."

Staci giggled. "Pervert. I meant stay in your house, not in your bed. I'm sure you have a spare room or mattress somewhere in this behemoth of a house." Matt's pout did nothing to persuade her differently. If she was going to stay in the house, it surely wouldn't be in his bed. There would be too much temptation and Staci was still dead set on holding out until she got to know Matt better.

Matt reluctantly agreed, but he was extremely happy that Staci was going to be staying in his house. He could hardly wait to show her around. Maybe he could get her to go skinny dipping in the lake with him. The thought of Staci naked was enough to bring his erection back to life. Unfortunately, Staci had already moved off the bed to adjust her suit and put her dress back on. Matt willed himself to go down, thinking of unsexy things until he was soft enough to tuck into his swim trunks. Staci fixed her hair in the mirror on his dresser and Matt was struck with the feeling of how right it felt to have Staci in his room, watching her primp. Maybe this wouldn't be the last time it happened, although he would have to move out of his parents' house if it was going to happen often. His parents were always critical of his girlfriends, telling him that they were only after his money. He could only imagine the colorful things his dad would come up with when he found out Staci was not only his girlfriend, but was black as well. Matt just shook his head. 'I guess the whole world can't be tolerant, but it would be nice if my parents were.'

Staci turned and looked at Matt expectantly. He seemed to be deep in thought, so she stayed silent for a bit. Then she walked over to him and gently placed her hand on his arm. He looked at her and smiled. "Let's go party. The quicker we go and make everyone leave, the quicker I can get you all to myself again. Maybe this time, you can be on top."

Staci chuckled and shook her head. Matt was incorrigible, but she didn't have the same reaction to his dirty statements as she did before. It was nice to feel desired. They headed back out to the party, only to find that they had missed all the excitement...the nonsexual excitement that is.

Kathy had gotten her revenge on Brian. He made the mistake of hitting on someone's girlfriend and somehow convinced her to accompany him into the woods surrounding the house for a little fun. Perhaps it was all the tequila she had. Kathy picked up on Brian's plan and quickly alerted the girl's boyfriend. He and two of his buddies taught Brian a lesson in manners and then left the party with the extremely drunk girl in tow. Brian sat on the porch nursing his black eye and bruises. Kathy just smiled and went on her merry way.

Staci took Matt over to be properly introduced to her friends. He already knew Kathy, Maia, and Jesse. Staci introduced Matt to Lexi last and true to his word, he gave Lexi a big hug after they shook hands. Lexi looked puzzled for a few seconds after he released her before she quipped, "What? Is it my turn already? Man, Staci, that was fast." Staci just shook her head and laughed, remembering Lexi's previous statement about passing Matt on to her after she had her fun. "No, he's still mine. I'll let you know when I'm done though."

Matt was confused, but decided to roll with the punches. He leaned over and whispered in Lexi's ear. Lexi tried to hold her laughter back, but couldn't. Staci was the one with the quizzical look on her face then. Matt just smiled and told her that he would tell her later. Staci grabbed his arm and dragged him away from her friends. "Later is now. Tell me!"

Matt just shrugged. "I thanked her for the bathing suit and asked her if she could make about five more of them, but I also added that she should leave out the pieces of fabric next time." Staci just laughed. It was shaping up to be one fantastic day.